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This is my writing journal, here you will find my original fics, fan fics, and whatever else I happen to write in the wee hours of the morning. This journal will remain open but I'm sure there will be some things I will make friends only, like maybe stuff with adult ratings or whatever else I deem not fit for the public.

As far as fanfic goes, at the moment I only have stuff written for the book series Twilight stored up but who knows what could end up here. For Twilight I pretty much write Edward/Bella.

If you are looking for stuff about my life you won't find them here, they are over at desert_dolly, but that one happens to be friends only so you have to comment to be added.

Other than that not much going on here but the twisted innards of my mind. If you think you can handle the depravity heat then welcome. If you can't then do not enter, get pissed, then message me about why you hate me/my writing/my face because I'm likely to just ignore you, sorry.